When a decentralized software development firm was faced with providing training to managers at multiple global locations, they called MGM Associates. We helped them identify and develop appropriate content, assisted them in developing a risk management policy in alignment with their corporate culture, and participated in creating a training video to be viewed by all of their managers. Working with their Human Resources Department, we were able to deliver customized, affordable training programs on a timely basis.

Designing and delivering focused, state-of-the-art training programs is an important component of developing todayís diversified workforce. We work with clients to provide a range of different training formats. From computer-based training and video programs, to didactic presentations and focus groups, we design training to meet your organizationís specific needs. Our consultants are available to mentor your managers and associates in facilitating the exchange of knowledge required to address todayís security-related challenges.

Our program at one large financial services firm included onsite crisis response training for their security department and tabletop drills designed to sharpen the skills of proprietary and contract security personnel.
Providing a safe environment for your employees in a global market extends beyond the walls of your organization. Employees in transit can be at risk in todayís multi-model transportation systems. We help companies provide security briefings, safety tips and executive protection for their most important asset, people. By working with the U.S. Department of State and private agencies, we keep your employees informed prior to departure, and throughout their trip. We have worked with MGM Associates for over 14 years. Itís an added layer of comfort knowing that Michael truly cares about our company, our employees, and our residents. His ability to listen, to share experiences, and to work side


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