Sometimes you don’t know how strong or weak people are until you see them react to a crisis. The same can be said for corporations. A slow or inappropriate reaction to a critical incident can result in a variety of repercussions. For one of our clients, an international airport, the consequences could be extreme. With multi-model transportation organizations, lives are at stake. For this client, we trained hundreds of rescue workers and security personnel in the areas of trauma response and critical incident stress management techniques.

MGM Associates works intensely and immediately on workplace trauma interventions. Our approach includes pre-incident educational seminars, on-site defusings, post-incident debriefings and follow-up referral services. We’ve helped organizations develop critical incident stress management teams and internal care teams. Our team of subjectmatter- experts is uniquely positioned to help your employees recover from traumatic incidents. Losing an occasional sale to your number one competitor is a normal and expected part of business.

Crisis response, threats of terrorism, and executive protection make providing security in today’s environment more complex than at any other point in history. For many companies, maintaining a full time corporate security presence is simply not an option.
MGM Associates can satisfy all of your security needs through our Virtual Security Team program. Our security professionals are diverse in their areas of expertise and bring decades of field experience to your organization. With one phone call, we provide the resources you need to address the unique challenges of today’s work environment.
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