It’s important to gather valuable input from your employees about security. We helped a software development firm of approximately 600 employees determine how their associates felt about management’s initiatives towards providing a safe work environment. By devising a computer survey, employees were able to identify a prioritized list of security-related concerns. We worked effectively with Human Resources to design a focused response consisting of policies, training and enhanced security technology. The improved lighting we provided in the parking lots had an additional and unexpected benefit. Employees appreciated management’s concern, which resulted in an increase in morale at the company.

Professional vulnerability assessments involve more than reviewing technology. Today’s integrated security systems require a systemic approach. We work with companies in reviewing their policies and procedures, identifying employee concerns, reviewing neighboring businesses, exploring supply-chain security, reviewing cyber security, developing training programs, considering demographics, factoring in executive protection initiatives, understanding management techniques, researching industry standards, understanding corporate culture, and aligning initiatives with your strategic goals. We won’t make recommendations until we clearly understand your organization’s specific needs.

Employee Background Checks “MGM Associates consistently delivers quality and is expert in bridging the gap between the theoretical and the practical. This expertise allows MGM to identify many issues our clients face and effectively provide insight, guidance and solutions. Their level of professionalism and ‘get the job done attitude’ is refreshing!”
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