Separating any employee from your company is difficult. Separating an at-risk employee from your company can be a life-threatening experience. When a leading developer of performance management software decided to terminate an at-risk associate, they called MGM Associates. We worked with their Human Resources staff to analyze past performance records and discuss the terms of the separation package. The actual termination meeting was planned to include descriptions of those in attendance, seating arrangements, and the stationing of plain clothed security professionals outside the meeting room. The termination was successful and the HR professionals felt supported throughout the process.

Workplace violence is not always one catastrophic or heinous act. It takes many forms that can be equally debilitating. Harassment, assaults, altercations, sabotage, domestic abuse that spills over into the workplace all represent violence that undermines a safe working environment. This pervasive problem has become a harsh reality for almost every industry. We help organizations develop respectful work environments, train managers, assess threats, intervene immediately, respond appropriately, and recover quickly from inappropriate and potentially violent situations.

We have worked with MGM Associates for over 14 years. Its an added layer of comfort knowing that Michael truly cares about our company, our employees, and our residents. His ability to listen, to share experiences, and to work side by side with our management team has been, and will continue to be a tremendous asset to our company. Carol Dempsey Sr. Vice President, APT Management, Inc.
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