Executive protection, once considered a benefit for the extremely wealthy, has now become a best-practice for many organizations. We were called to help an organization housed in a high-rise environment develop an executive protection response plan. We worked with security personnel to prioritize the various threats faced by the executive team, conducted an on-site assessment of the executive floor, photographed critical access and egress points, designed several different evacuation routes, and established specific safe-room locations for incidents requiring a shelter-in-place response.

We live in a mobile and sometimes violent society. Whether traveling abroad, or presenting at a corporation's annual meeting, executives and their families face threats of kidnapping, ransom, extortion, and retribution from disgruntled employees. Latin America alone experiences, on average, four thousand kidnappings annually. Protecting the top tier of an organization is no longer an option, it's a necessity. MGM Associates works with companies to identify and mitigate threats, facilitate safe corporate travel, develop executive response protocols, and insure the safety of those most responsible for the continued growth and success of the corporation.

Training 21,000 employees on a new risk management policy can be challenging. Thatís why a Fortune 500 firm called us to assist in developing their computer-based training seminar. We reviewed their policy, developed a brief narrative for each of their PowerPoint slides, and assisted in locating a local professional to provide the voiceover portion of the seminar.
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