Michael G. McCourt Associates, Incorporated is a Massachusetts based crisis security management firm providing leading edge consulting and training services to a diverse cross section of global enterprises. MGM Associates has proven itself a leader in helping companies prevent, contain, and recover from crisis events. Based on personalized customer service, creative thinking, and a unique holistic approach, we help companies regain their composure and get back to the business of doing business.

Founded in 1989 to address the unusual challenges of today’s workplace, we’ve combined our experience in law enforcement, public policy education, and organizational development to lay the foundation for a company committed to uncompromising quality. Our adjunct team of subject-matter-experts enables us to pinpoint problems quickly and assemble the expertise required to address each client’s unique issue. From assessing vulnerabilities, to designing integrated security systems, MGM Associates provides unparalleled customer service.

Our Holistic Approach

Times have changed. Securing an organization today is more complicated than the response-driven activities of decades past. Today’s fast paced environments require a new synergism; a collaborative spirit shared by all business units.

Our ability to work with individuals from executive management to the manufacturing floor, combined with years of knowledge regarding organizational structure and the importance of effective communication has made us the crisis security management consulting firm of choice for organizations ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 1000 companies.

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