Uncommonly professional…culturally aware… holistic in our approach…diverse in our respective disciplines…these are only some of the characteristics that define Michael G. McCourt Associates, Incorporated. Founded in 1989, we provide security management programs, corporate executive protection services, employee background checks, workplace violence programs, policy development, vulnerability assessments, threat assessments, crisis management protocols, consequence management advice, and customized training programs to a wide variety of industries, including government, transportation, manufacturing, health care, finance, high-tech, property management and retail organizations.

Our ability to work with individuals from executive management to the manufacturing floor, combined with our years of knowledge regarding organizational structure and the importance of effective communication, has made us the consulting firm of choice for organizations ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 1000 companies.

Recently, we were contacted by a software development firm looking to upgrade their CCTV system. Our consultants met with the client to determine specific goals and establish an approved budget. We conducted a review of the campus, researched appropriate state-of-the-art equipment, mapped their current system on CAD software, and presented a phased set of recommendations in line with their budgetary constraints. This is only one example of how we help organizations address the unusual and unpredictable challenges of today's workplace. Available for consultation twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year, our clients count on us for best-in-class service and support.

We know that effective security programs involve more than cameras, alarms, and access control hardware. We've dealt with the resistance encountered when implementing security policies and new technology. We understand adult learning methodologies and the importance of offering continuous educational seminars. We utilize the experience of the recognized leaders in the business world…Drucker, Senge, Blanchard, and Covey, to name but a few. We recognize the application of Maslow's hierarchy of needs as it pertains to disasters, and believe in Goleman's work on emotional intelligence in the workplace as a means of preventing violence. In short, we deliver the proper training, background, and communication required to optimize your current security initiatives and make your security program real to your most valued resource…the human resource!

September 11th changed the landscape of security in our country. Corporations have been put on notice…the time to act is now! Contact us today for a confidential consultation and see how we can help your organization prepare for the security challenges of the 21st Century.

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