The Challenge Companies today face a wide range of threats, including: workplace violence, kidnapping, cyber attacks, identity theft, terrorism, and natural disasters, to name but a few. Owners are forced to spend more time than ever before managing risk. Maintaining a full-time security department is simply not an option for most mid-size and smaller organizations. MGM Associates designed its Virtual Security Team program (VST) to assist companies in preventing, containing and recovering from security-related incidents. Weíve developed a team of experienced subject-matter-experts to assist you in providing a safe working environment. With one call, you access the resource you need to address even the most serious workplace incident. Our Virtual Team Security program provides your managers with the support and peace of mind they need to focus on conducting your business!

We have worked with MGM Associates for over 14 years. Itís an added layer of comfort knowing that Michael truly cares about our company, our employees, and our residents. His ability to listen, to share experiences, and to work side by side with our management team has been, and will continue to be a tremendous asset to our company.Ē Carol Dempsey Sr. Vice President, APT Management, Inc.

How Does The Program Work?
Itís simple. Call our main number at 866.833.7171 and tell us you would like to become a valued member of our Virtual Security Team program. We will take some basic information, including the nature of your immediate problem, and assign the proper subject-matter-expert.

How Much Does Membership Cost?
We have three different categories of membership ranging from Premium to Basic. Membership depends upon the size of your company and your specific needs. Call us today for more information on the benefits of our VST Program. We will help you determine the category of membership that is most beneficial to your organization.

Times have changed...securing an organization today is more complicated than the response-driven activities of decades past. Todayís fast paced environments require a new synergism; a collaborative spirit shared by all business units. Our ability to work with individuals from executive management to the manufacturing floor, combined with years of knowledge regarding organizational structure and the importance of effective communication has made us the crisis security management consulting firm of choice for organizations ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 1000 companies.
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