Corporate Care Teams...A Compassionate Response to Crisis Events

History has taught us the need for a compassionate response to crisis events. Employees look for ways to offer support to impacted colleagues. Corporate Care Teams is a full-day training program that teaches companies how to select, train, manage, and maintain crisis volunteers from within their organization. Based on a model successfully utilized for years by the airlines, Corporate Care Teams insures a compassionate response to any unusual event.

Recovering from Crisis Events...The Role of CISM

Recovering from a crisis requires more than just technology. Returning employees to their normal level of functioning takes time and ongoing support. Understanding the pre-incident, on-site, and post-incident phases of the critical incident stress management process can help employees hasten their personal path to recovery. Recovering from Crisis Events provides employees and managers with an understanding of the impact of traumatic events in the workplace and beyond. This program compliments existing EAP and Work/Life initiatives already in place.

Crisis Management...Applying Situational Leadership

"Extraordinary leaders don't necessarily do extraordinary things...they do ordinary things extraordinarily well!" One of those things is providing competent leadership during a crisis. Do you understand the different types of leadership...and when best to apply them? Crisis Management...Applying Situational Leadership explores the challenges of providing professional, compassionate, and centered leadership during times of crisis. This program is a must for managers and supervisors responsible for the safety of their employees!

Developing Your Crisis Management Plan

"If you fail to can plan to fail!" Sage advice in a day and age of ever increasing man-made and natural crises! How effective is your company's crisis plan? Who is in charge in a crisis? How will you communicate? What is your role in a crisis? Documenting the answers to these and other important planning questions is the first step in successfully managing any crisis event. Developing Your Crisis Plan will assist participants in planning, documenting, managing, and updating their company's crisis response plan.

Surviving Crises...What You Need & What You Need to Know

Would you know how to protect yourself in the event of a biological or radiological attack? Where is the best place to be in a tornado? Do you have a crisis survival kit in your home? Have you developed a crisis response plan with your family? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need to attend Surviving Crises...What You Need & What You Need to Know. This informational program could help to save your life and is a must for every organization! Protect your employees and your loved ones by being prepared for any crisis event.

Incident Command...A Corporate Perspective

We've become accustomed to relying on public emergency resources to manage our crisis events...but times have changed! As the scope of the threats we face increases, the likelihood of an immediate response from emergency service personnel decreases. Companies are now faced with managing their own crisis events. Are you prepared? Can you speak the language of your local rescue professionals? Incident Command...A Corporate Perspective will assist your employees in understanding the complexities of managing today's crisis events.

Terrorism-The Ongoing Threat

September 11th was the last major terrorism attack on U.S. soil...why haven't there been more? How much of my budget do I really need to assign to managing terrorism? How likely is another attack? What motivates our enemy? Terrorism-The Ongoing Threat will answer these and other important questions regarding this important workplace challenge. Separate fact from fiction...myth from reality...and help your organization develop a realistic approach to the threat of terrorism.

The Role of Human Resource in Crisis Management

Planning, preventing, containing, and recovering from crisis events have become full-time tasks for many HR professionals. How prepared are you to manage a large-scale crisis event? What are your responsibilities in the pre-incident, incident management, and post-incident phases of a traumatic incident? Uniquely positioned to work with every segment of the organization, HR professionals can make the difference between a disciplined, professional response...or the disorganized failed response we witnessed after Hurricane Katrina. This step-by-step process for managing any unusual event will assist HR professionals in their efforts to protect their most important resource...the human resource.

Integrating Security and Your Corporate Culture

We've all encountered the phrase; "One size fits all!" The truth is, one size doesn't really fit anyone...we all have specific wants, needs, and desires. The same is true of corporations...they all have an individual corporate culture, whether they want to or not. Designing a security program that fits your needs, your budget, your resources, and your culture is key to protecting your employees and your assets. Integrating Security and Your Corporate Culture provides practical tips for building and integrating a customized security program that your employees will understand and accept.

Can I Help? - A Guide To Volunteering

The hurricanes of 2005; Katrina, Rita and Wilma, made us realize how vulnerable we are; they brought us face-to-face with our need to help others. Many organizations provided relief in the form of donations...many employees felt the need to volunteer and help those in need. Sometimes, even the best of intentions can cause problems when not properly managed. Can I Help? - A Guide To Volunteering offers a simple five step model for assisting those in need. Learn how you can help without putting unnecessary pressure on your family or your organization. Remember...the day may come when we all need the important lessons of this program!

Avian Flu - Myths, Realities & Strategies

Are you prepared to manage a global pandemic? Does your business continuity plan address wide-spread disruptions in service? Have you factored in interruptions in your supply chain? How will you communicate with your employees? If you find these questions're not alone. Companies world-wide are beginning to prepare for the possible impact of the Avian Flu virus. The first step to being prepared is being informed. Avian Flu -Myths, Realities & Strategies will help your organization mitigate the impact of this potentially dangerous workplace threat. Remember...if you fail to can plan to fail!

A Guide to Employee Separations & At-Risk Terminations

Separating an employee form your company, for any reason, can be difficult...separating an at-risk employee can be life threatening! Despite decades of research and experience, many organizations continue to put themselves at unnecessary risk by taking shortcuts when terminating unproductive or uncooperative employees. A Guide to Employee Separations & At-Risk Terminations prepares managers and Human Resource professionals for this challenging task. This program explores the synergy required within various business units involved in the termination process, including: human resources personnel, corporate counsel, senior and middle management, work/life programs, and security personnel.

Managing Workplace Violence
The phrase, workplace violence, represents a number of inappropriate and disruptive behaviors...threats, harassment, aggressive language, and inappropriate touching, to name but a few. These behaviors lower productivity, create moral problems, increase absenteeism, and cost companies billions of dollars each year. Managing Workplace Violence teaches your managers and employees to recognize potentially dangerous behaviors before they become workplace incidents. This program addresses the role of policy, early intervention, and stresses the importance of documentation. Give your managers the tools they need to insure a respectful work environment!

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